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Beaver Creek Golf Carts answers many questions each day. We thought you'd be interested in what others have asked.

Can I get golf cart parts for an EZ-Go, Yamaha, Harley Davidson and other brand golf carts? What do you keep in stock?

Watch as Beaver Creek takes you on a tour of our golf cart part department. We carry thousands of golf cart parts ready for shipping as soon as you order it. If for some reason we don't have it, we'll get it the next day and ship it next day air if you need it fast.


How do I test my golf cart battery to know if it's good?

Watch as Beaver Creek shows you the different ways to test your golf cart battery. You'll find out what battery testers are available to Beaver Creek Golf Carts and what battery testers you can use at home. We'll show you how to test your golf cart battery, how to read the results to know if your battery is still good or if it needs replacing.


How to buy a used golf cart?

Beaver Creek Golf Carts shows you the best way to pick out a golf cart ensuring quality, longevity & price.

How do I maintenance the electric golf cart battery?

Watch as Beaver Creek Golf Carts shows you how to maintain a golf cart battery.

What do I need to do to winterize and store my golf cart?

Here's how to winterize your golf cart. Watch it now...

Once I park my golf cart in the garage, how can I protect my garage floor?

Garage floors, concrete floors need protection from any leaks or drips. Find out how to protect your floors now!

What kind of an Engine Tune-up, Fuel and Oil Specs do I need for my cart?

EZ-GO 2 cycle (1 cylinder) Gas Cart:

Spark plug gap = .030

Gas = 87 Octane

Fuel mix non oil injection = 128:1

Rear axle oil capacity = 10oz of SAE30

EZ-GO 4 cycle (2 cylinder) Gas Cart:

Spark plug gap = .030

Gas = 87 Octane

Oil = 1.5 quarts of 10w30

Valve clearance = .004 (cold engine)

Rear axle oil = 40oz of SAE30

Club Car 4 cycle (1 cylinder) Gas Cart:

Spark plug gap = .029

Oil = Sae30 (above 32°)

Rear axle oil = 80-90 gear lube

Harley Davidson / Columbia 2 cycle (1 cylinder) Gas Cart:

Spark plug gap = .042 for 1965-70

025 for 1971-90

.035 for 1991-95

Points = .014

Fuel mixture = 5oz of SAE40 non-detergent per gallon for 1965-68

2.5oz of SAE40 non-detergent per gallon for 1969-82

1.5oz of SAE40 non-detergent per gallon for 1983-95

Rear axle oil = 80-90 gear lube

What are the Electric Cart Battery and Rear Axle Oil Specs for my cart?


Batteries = distilled water 1/2" above plates

Rear axle oil = SAE80-90 for 1989-96

SAE30 for 2001+

Club Car:

Batteries = distilled water

Rear Axle oil = SAE80-90 for 1981-93

SAE30 for 1994+

Harley Davidson / Columbia:

Batteries = distilled water

Rear axle oil = 80-90 gear lube for 1963-90

SAE30 for 1991+

These charts have been compiled from old manuals, some years were missing, some were poorly written and very confusing. This information cannot be considered accurate, use at your own risk.

In our shop we use 10w30 in all 4 cycle engines and we use 2 stroke oil 32:1 for 2 cycle engines. We don't trust 30 year old oil injection pumps. For rear axles we go by what was in it when it came in, gear lube has a distinct smell. All batteries get distilled water 1/2" above plates before charging. We have never had a problem doing it out way.

What voltage is my battery?

Count the number of water holes

3 holes = 6 volts

4 holes = 8 volts

6 holes = 12 volts

One or more of your batteries is bad.

This happens all too frequently. There can be many things that cause this. Check the following:

Did you put 6 volt batteries in a cart that uses 8 volt batteries?

Did you buy blem batteries? What are blum batteries?

Did you buy reconditioned golf cart batteries? See the answer below on reconditioned batteries.

Blem Batteries ... What are they?

Blem batteries are usually batteries returned to the manufacturer or dealer from someone that had a problem with them. These batteries are charged and inspected. You are buying a used battery that may not have been checked very well. Fully charge each individual battery and test each cell with a hydrometer. You will probably find one or more bad ones.

Reconditioned Batteries - "I Got A Deal!"

Here's the bad news: There is no such thing! Get your money back. To recondition a battery you would have to change the insides. It would cost more then making a new battery.

My neighbor says to run my batteries down all the way before I charge them. Will this make them last longer?

No. The top manufacturers of Quality Golf Cart Batteries recommend that you never deeply discharge the batteries as this will dramatically shorten the life of the battery.

Help! I took my batteries out and can't remember how to hook them up again.

Here is a chart for the most popular models. Next time make a drawing or take a digital picture!

Wiring for 48 volt electric cart

Wiring for 36 volt electric cart

Wiring for Columbia electric cart

What year is my golf cart?

Club Car

The first two numbers of the serial number are the year.

EZ-Go golf cart

In the EZ-Go Cart the year is in the manufacturers code not the serial number.

Columbia Golf Cart

First you need to locate the serial number on your cart. This can be found above the rear wheel, under the body or under the dash on the passenger side. The year is coded in the serial number.

Here is how to determine the model and year. The first two characters specify what your cart is:

2L - Model P4G is Gas golf cart

3L- Model P4E Electric golf cart

5K-Gas golf cart

6K-Electric golf cart

7K-Model GU4 Gas Utility Truck

9K-Model EU4 Electric Utility Truck

2M-Model C6E Electric Shuttle

To determine the year: The last 2 characters determine the year. The letter tells you the decade:

C-1980, D-1990, E-2000

The last number is the year in the decade.

For example: 2L21083-C9 = 1989 8E28625-D8 = 1998

Keep in mind that these serial numbers are for golf carts only. Even though your vehicle may have the front end of a golf car, it may be considered a utility vehicle. In which case this numbering system will not work for you.

Harley Davidson

First you need to locate the serial number on your cart. This can be found above the rear wheel, under the body. The year is coded in the serial number. This can be found above the rear wheel, under the body. The year is coded in the serial number.

If it was made in the 1960's, the first two numbers will indicate the year. example: 66DL800225 = 1966

If it was made in the 1970's, the letter H (tells you it was made in the 70's) and the number after it indicates the year. example: 4B10067-H9 = 1979

If it was made in the 1980's, the letter J (tells you it was made in the 80's) and the number after it indicates the year. example: 4B10799J0=1980

What do I do if my charger doesn't work and my batteries are almost dead?

Begin by individually charging the batteries several hours each. Use a 6 volt auto battery charger. Make sure you clean all of the terminals. Check your charger on someone else's cart while your batteries are charging. Your charger was designed to protect itself and won't even turn on when your batteries are too low. This is why there is a delay when it's plugged in before it comes on. It is checking that everything is all right on the cart.

My electric cart was working fine, but now it doesn't do anything. What do I check?

Begin by checking the battery connections. Take it apart and clean thoroughly.

My gas cart won't start. I checked and there is a spark and gas in the fuel filter.

When the fuel pump fails there will still be gas in the filter. Make sure the fuel pump output is strong.

How do I maintain my batteries?

Rinse the batteries off with a garden hose to remove dirt, mud and acid. Be careful not to spray into electronic control parts. Before the batteries are charged fill about 1/2" above the battery plates with distilled water. Be sure the distilled water doesn't have minerals added. Minerals destroy batteries. Never add acid. Besides being extremely dangerous you can destroy the battery if it has too much acid in it.

Do not overfill a battery with distilled water. When batteries are charged the water level rises and the water and acid will run out of the batteries.

Never charge batteries that do not have water above the plates.

How do I add electric accessories to electric carts?

Lights are usually added by finding a 12-volt source and connecting to it at the battery pack. If your cart has 8-volt batteries you can hook it up to 8-volts and they will work but not be real bright. Check the voltage with a voltmeter to be sure you have it right. Two 6-volt batteries connected in series = 12-volts. This will work but isn't the best way. The best way is to use a converter that uses all the batteries and reduces down to 12-volt.

What is the best way to hook-up a 12-volt radio?

You need a converter from 48 or 36-volt to 12-volt. That way it draws power off of all the batteries equally or eventually your golf cart will not run right since one or two batteries will be dead. None of them will charge properly until those batteries are individually charged to match the others.

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