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3 June

Keeping your golf cart running great all summer

By Beaver Creek Golf Carts

Here are the Top 3 quick tips:

1. Clean and check the battery cables and terminals. Checking the cables is easy. Simply disconnect the cables and look at each cable for any wear and tear. Terminals can be easily cleaned with a wire brush.

2. Cracks in the golf cart boy or sun top. If you're handy, a fiberglass repair kit can do the trick.

3. Regular maintenance is key to keep it running smoothly. If you own an electric cart, keep the battery filled with distilled water, and be sure to check it frequently. If you own a gas golf cart, check the oil frequently and fill it up to keep it from ruining the engine.

Need Help? Our Certified, Factory Trained Technicians can help.

15 July

Golf Cart Safety - Keeping your family, friends and yourself safe

By Beaver Creek Golf Carts

As temperatures begin to rise...slowly...we're all ready to go riding in our golf carts and have a bit of fun. I know I am!

Take a moment to read through our top 8 recommended safety tips for driving your golf cart:

1. Drive responsibly. We've seen lots of damage done to golf carts early in the season.

2. Avoid being distracted while driving your golf cart.

3. Does your cart have a seat belt? If not get one now at the golf cart parts website.

4. Only carry the number of passengers you have seats.

5. Avoid passengers standing on the back platform while the golf cart is in motion.

6. Drive from your seat...not the one next to you or in back.

7. Avoid sharp turns at high speeds.

8. Yield to pedestrians. The same rules apply as driving a car or motorcycle.

22 Jan

Choosing a Golf Cart that's Right for You

By Beaver Creek Golf Carts

Golf carts have made their way off the golf courses. They are often seen in warehouses, large corporate campuses, universities, airports and more. In addition, golf carts are also widely used for personal use.

Golf Carts

If you are going to purchase a golf cart, consider how you want to use it:

1. Do you want to drive around the neighborhood?

2. Does your community allow street legal golf carts?

3. Do you need a cart for rugged terrain for hunting, sports or other activities?

4. Do you need a more commercial or industrial cart for more resilient uses?

Electric vs. Gas Golf Cart

Once you know how you want to use your golf cart, choose if you want a gas golf cart or an electric golf cart. Electric golf carts are increasing each year in popularity due to the lower costs to operate. An electric golf cart uses electricity that can be simply plugged into an outlet. It also reduces the noise levels allowing for a more quiet, enjoyable ride. However, if you are constantly hauling heavy loads, then a gas golf cart is a more effective choice.


Your golf cart needs to match the type of terrain you will be driving on most often. Are you driving in an areas where there are hills, or indoors in a warehouse, in a subdivision, camp ground or on a paved street? Beaver Creek Golf Carts can help you decide on the type of power you'll need to get the job done. Let us know how many passengers you intend to carry on a regular basis. Will you be driving with grandkids on a regular basis or hauling goods on your property.


Now comes the fun part. What items do you need for your golf cart? Do you need head lights, safety belts, brush guard, windshield, extra seats or a dump? Picking the right accessories are important to making your golf cart useful. Beaver Creek Golf Carts can help you choose the right accessories for your lifestyle or work.


Keeping your new golf cart running like new is what we all want from our purchases. Beaver Creek Golf Carts carries the widest selection of golf cart parts. Do it yourself, or have Beaver Creek help you with golf cart tune ups, standard maintenance and repairs. We're here to be your partner through the life of your golf cart.


Beaver Creek Golf Carts sells new & used golf carts to the general public for recreation, business, camping and more. Rent a golf cart for your special event and get all your parts with us!

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