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16 August

Golf Cart Storage Covers and Golf Cart Enclosures

By Beaver Creek Golf Carts

Golf cart enclosures extend the driving season for golf carts as it protects you from the elements of the weather. The clear plastic see through windows come on either 3 sides or 4 sides depending if your golf cart has a windshield already installed. The golf cart enclosure opens with a zipper for easy access. The zipper is a great solution as it minimizes the colder air from entering your driving space.

Golf cart storage covers are a solid material strictly used for storage purposes. It keeps your golf cart from the freezing elements of our winter. The storage covers come in both 2 passenger golf carts and 4 passenger golf carts. A rear zipper and air vents keep the golf cart healthy during off season. In addition, it comes with an elasticized cord at the bottom for a more custom fit.

golf cart covers
26 October

Seasons Change, The Work of a Golf Cart is Never Done

By Beaver Creek Golf Carts

Changing seasons always brings extra work around the house, not to mention kids and their activities. I’m one of those who will drive their golf cart until it is absolutely impossible to drive anymore. What else can you use when the rain storms never stop?

A golf cart has been the workhorse in the yard, especially with hauling large branches and debris. With the winds doing a great job of swirling around the leaves, I get the added benefit of hauling more leaves that made their way from everyone else’s yard to mine. They say you need to get the leaves off of the grass, as letting them sit there rots the grass and you won’t have much in Spring. So I tried something different…I used the leaf blower while riding in my golf cart going up and down the length of the grass. It made the chore much more fun.

This year graduation parties seemed to be every weekend. I had one myself. Everyone you know seems to get invited, and it’s amazing how the one’s needing assistance are the first ones to reply and show up. With a long driveway, I could have spent the entire party walking people up and down the driveway. You guessed it…I used my golf cart to go to the bottom of the driveway to pick them up. They loved the joy ride and put a smile on most faces. A couple had to moan about their hair.

But let’s not leave out the kids. Here’s where I was happy to not drive the golf cart. Now that I have a kid old enough to drive (don’t start guessing my age), I gladly hand the keys over to drive the younger one to soccer practice. Now he can never complain that he doesn’t get to drive.

Now that I’ve given you 3 great ways to use the golf cart, why not try one out. Stop by our Joliet Superstore or our Peru location for a test drive. If it’s good for you, ask about financing a new or used golf cart. Now you can put the accessories on your holiday list and look awesome for the Spring.

Like and Follow the Beaver on Facebook. Got a question, let us know we’ll help you through.

20 Oct

Extend the Time to Drive Your Golf Cart with 4 Great Tips!

By Beaver Creek Golf Carts

When the weather cools down, we think it's time to hibernate and put all of our fun away. Just the opposite! The cool weather is a perfect time to ride in your golf cart. Keep your cool and take a ride to view the array of colorful leaves, pick the kids up from school, or simply enjoy time visiting with friends.

Here are 4 easy ways to enjoy your golf cart through the cool season:

  • Buy lights: Brighten up the road! As the sun goes down, you can still drive and extend your day!
  • Buy a windshield: Windshields for golf carts blocks the wind and blowing leaves. Perfect addition to your golf cart.
  • Buy a brush guard: Watch those branches from trees and bushes. Great protection for your golf cart especially in the fall.
  • Buy new tires: Leaves can be slippery. If the tread on your tires is low, get the tires on sale now at Beaver Creek so you can gain more traction!
3 Nov

Top 10 Reasons for Buying and Riding a New Golf Cart in 60° Temperatures

By Beaver Creek Golf Carts

Golf carts are still the best way to get around town in warm temperatures especially when it's over 70°. What happens to golf carts when the temperature is only 60°. Nothing happens to the golf cart in colder or cold temperatures, it's just us!

We've compiled a list of the top 10 reasons from you...our customers to buy a new golf cart and ride your golf cart in cooler temperatures. Let us know if you agree! Got a photo?

  • You can get it on sale! Buy one or trade in your old golf cart.
  • You'll never sweat.
  • Put together a neighborhood golf cart scavenger hunt! (Interesting...)
  • The new golf cart helps you to think spring.
  • Comfort! Especially when watching the kid's soccer, baseball or football games.
  • Your drink in the cup holder stays cold.
  • A great and fun way to get your teenage to clean up the yard.
  • Take the family to the fall festival, and a great way to carry that heavy pumpkin!
  • Don't waste money on gas for the car, get an electric or gas golf cart.
  • You can drive a golf cart all year and save money on gas!

There you have it. So take a look at the Beaver Creek Golf Carts inventory of golf carts today and start driving so you can do all 10 of the great reasons to buy and ride in a new golf cart.


Beaver Creek Golf Carts sells new & used golf carts to the general public for recreation, business, camping and more. Rent a golf cart for your special event and get all your parts with us!

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